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What is Burlesque Imitates Art?

Burlesque Imitates Art is a semi - annual art show featuring burlesque performances based on the unique style of local artists. Burlesque dancers and artists are paired together two months prior to the show opening and tasked with creating an original work of art and a corresponding performance in relation to the show theme. While the art is on display for a month, the burlesque show can only be experienced during the opening night theatrical performance. Each edition of Burlesque Imitates Art features a unique and rotating cast of local talent. Burlesque Imitates Art is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information or to get involved, visit our contact page.

Burlesque Imitates Art seeks to provide an all-inclusive platform for artists and performers to come together in order to create unique and challenging works of art. It is our mission to further unite the visual and performance art communities in New Orleans and beyond. We pride ourselves on cultivating a safe space for artists of all races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and class backgrounds. We have a firm zero-tolerance discrimination policy.


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