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"Life is weird so I burn stuff."

It began in State College, Pennsylvania, during the spring of 1991. A child was born, named after a dog and set loose on the world. And now? Samantha is a New Orleans based artist, performer and curator for Burlesque Imitates Art. Upon graduating from the University of New Orleans, Samantha found herself accidentally without a home or a plan. Luckily, she had burlesque, art supplies, a trombone wielding knight in shining brass armor and an unrelenting drive to create. After jumping from ill-fitting job to the next, Samantha was encouraged by a handful of local artists to pursue a career in Art. It was difficult. It still is. It was the best decision she ever made. Running out of paper one day, Samantha took to wood burning and the creative beast inside her freaked out. Now, she identifies as a pyrographic artist and hopes to burn things forever. Samantha's pyrography has been shown in multiple New Orleans galleries, Graphite Gallery being the most recent.  Her work belongs to many personal art collections world wide and is featured on two album covers. 


To see pictures and videos of Samantha in action or to contact her about her work, visit and follow @sootandstain on Instagram.

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